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Key Issues of Deepening Reform in China Before 2020

1, Birth Control
Start the implementation of a policy where it is permitted to have two children if ether a husband or a wife is an only child, progressively adjust and perfect birth policies, stimulate the balanced development of the population for the long run.

2, Legal System
Abolish the re-education through labour system, perfect punishment and execution laws for unlawful and criminal acts, complete community correction institutions.

3, Ownership
Vigorously develop a mixed ownership economy. A mixed ownership economy with shareholding that overlaps or mutually blends State-owned capital, collective capital, non-public capital, etc., is an important real form of the basic economic system, It is permitted that mixed ownership economies implement enterprise personnel shareholding, to shape integrated interests among capital owners and labourers. It is permitted that non-State-owned capital holds shares in State-owned capital investment programmes. It is permitted that mixed ownership economies implement enterprise personnel shareholding, to shape integrated interests among capital owners and labourers.

4, Pricing
Perfect mechanism in which prices are mainly determined by markets. All prices that can be formed by markets should be submitted to the market, governments are not to carry out improper interventions. Move forward with pricing reform in water, oil, natural gas, electricity, traffic, telecommunications and other such areas, set competitive market prices free.

5, Banking
Perfect financial market systems. Expand domestic and international financial openness, under the precondition of strengthening supervision and management, non-governmental capital meeting conditions is permitted to sponsor the establishment of small and mid-size banks and other such financial organs according to the law.

6, Investment
Inward Investment Apart from where enterprise investment programmes relate to national security and ecological security, involve the structure of major production forces nationwide, strategic resource exploitation and major matters of public interest, etc., enterprises are to make autonomous decisions according to regulations without exception, and government is no longer to examine and approve this.

Outward Investment Broaden enterprise and individual foreign investment, establish the dominant position of enterprises and individuals in foreign investment, they are permitted to give rein to their own advantages, go abroad and launch investment cooperation, they are permitted to go to all countries and all regions, taking their own risks, to freely contract projects and business cooperation programmes, they are permitted to innovate methods of marching out and launching green-field investment, merger and acquisition investment, negotiable security investment, joint investment, etc.

7, Real Estate Tax
Progressively establish an individual income tax system that integrates being comprehensive and categorized. Accelerate real estate tax legislation and move reform forward in a timely manner, accelerate resource tax reform, promote the change of environmental protection fees into taxes.

8, Mortgage of Farmers' Contracted Land
Stabilize rural land contraction relationships and maintain them unchanged for a long time, under the precondition of persisting in and perfecting the strictest arable land protection systems, endow peasants with the powers of possession, use, profit, transmission, mortgage and guarantee of contracting and operational powers with regards to their contracted land, peasants are permitted to develop industrialized agricultural operations with the income from contracting operational rights.

9, Official Residence System
Standardize and strictly implement leading cadres¨ work and life guarantee systems, it is not permitted to occupy many houses and office rooms, it is not permitted to allocate office rooms and living rooms in excess of quota, it is not permitted to allocate public cars in violation of regulations, it is not permitted to allocate secretaries in violation of regulations, it is not permitted to retain security guards in excess of quota, it is not permitted to conduct public receptions in excess of standards. Explore the implementation of an official residence system.

10, Retirement Age
Research the formulation of policies to gradually raise the retirement age.