Recently, with the consent of the provincial government, Jiangsu has carried out the development of water-saving industrial parks across the region.

Water-saving parks are an important part of building a water-saving society. Industrial parks have high industrial added value and large water consumption. Jiangsu province chooses industrial parks to take the lead, aiming to set a demonstration benchmark for water-saving parks, further promote the construction of various water-saving parks, and continuously improve the efficiency and efficacy of water use, in an effort to gradually realize the coordination of the development of the park with the carrying capacity of water resources and water environment, and better support the high-quality economic and social development of the province.

In order to guide the construction of water-saving industrial parks, the Provincial Department of Water Resources and the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology have compiled the Construction Standards for Water-saving Industrial Parks in Jiangsu Province (Trial), which clarified the construction conditions, proposed evaluation indicators, formulated evaluation methods, and standardized declaration procedures. In the next step, our province will select parks with mature conditions to carry out the pilot construction of provincial-level water-saving industrial parks, and gradually build a new anchor of industrial parks into a new water-saving position.