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Jiangsu province

Jiangsu province is located in the Yangtze delta area in the coastal region of eastern China. It lies in the lower courses of the Yangtze and Huai rivers. East of Jiangsu is the Yellow Sea, and the coastline of the province amounts to 954 km. To the south-east, Jiangsu borders the city of Shanghai.


Representative Office in Düsseldorf

The official representative office of the Jiangsu provincial government in Düsseldorf is responsible for companies interested in cooperation with and investment in Jiangsu.

It offers the following free service:

  • Advice regarding the investment environment, laws and regulations in Jiangsu province.

Foreign investments

Up to the end of 2020, 7,949 investment projects in approximately 160 countries or regions were implemented cumulatively from Jiangsu (USD 82.8 billion total investments agreed by contract). 



  • Introduction and recommendation of state partners, development zones and locations for investments in Jiangsu.
  • Authorised data and information regarding the economy, investment and trade in Jiangsu.

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Die Region Jiangsu, China

Jiangsu and Germany

Jiangsu province and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia forged a friendly partnership back in 1984. In order to extend the growing economic and technological cooperation, representative offices were established in 1996 in both Düsseldorf and Nanjing with the support of both governments.

The total volume of import and export trade between Jiangsu and Germany was worth $ 26.6 billion in 2020. Of this figure, Jiangsu imported goods worth $12.76 billion from Germany and by the end of 2020 German companies had invested EUR 13.1 billion in about 2,200 projects in Jiangsu. This accounted for almost a quarter of German investment in the whole of China. In return, companies from Jiangsu invested in more than 250 projects in Germany.

Open development

  • General trade was worth RMB 2,377.4 billion (USD 3 billion) and accounted for 53.4% of the province’s annual import and export volume, 18.1% more than the value of processing trade.
  • The export of electromechanical products was worth USD 0 billion and accounted for 66.8% of the total export volume from the province.
  • The export of high-tech products was worth USD 8 billion, corresponding to a 37.2% share of the total export volume from the province.
  • Foreign-invested companies contributed 2% to the province’s total trade volume.

Doing business with Jiangsu, China

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